Nyayo Magazine

Hello Nyayo, welcome to my bookshelf!

Yesterday I received the first two volumes of the freshly printed Nyayo Magazine in my mailbox, Vol. 1 “Tanzania” and Vol. 2 “Kenya”. I immedialy started readying and devoured page by page! Nyayo, Swahili for footprints, is an independent magazine that Gemma D’Souza founded in September 2019. Nyayo is not just another travel magazine. Instead it follows the footprints of safari guides in Africa and tells their stories of living and working in the most remote areas of the African wilderness. Beautiful pictures accompany the articles, but what I like most are the hand-drawn illustrations you can find throughout the magazine. If you love Africa and want to know more about the people who call the African bush their office – this one is for you!

You can order Nyayo Magagzine here: https://www.nyayomagazine.com/buy

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